How it works

Ever wanted to turn your home or venue into a real-life challenge game? Now you can....

For Pop-up events - see our pop-up events page for more details, or send us your own suggestions of where you would like to play enigma, and we'll look into it.

For Grown Ups - you'll get one host, to take teams in turn round each challenge, leaving plenty of time for other teams to socialise, eat/drink and strategise! Perfect for you next family gathering or night in with friends!

For kids - we put on two hosts, to ensure the kids are fully entertained throughout, and allowing you to completely put your feet up!

For team-building - for larger corporate groups, we'll bring two hosts, to ensure staff remain engaged, and we add specific team-building dimensions to the challenges, to get maximum involvement of all! Contact us, for bespoke arrangements.


Playing in teams of 2-6 people, our hosts will take you through up to 7 challenges, with a final head-to-head end-game . 

We can accommodate from 1 to 4 teams - for larger groups, call us, and we can arrange bespoke sessions.

Step 1. Assemble your teams and pick a date.

Step 2. Decide your game option:

  • Standard - 4 games, plus end game
  • Full - 7 games, plus end game
Step 3. Don't know if everyone can come? Book our minimum package, and add more people as they confirm.

This allows you to tailor your experience and team size to your budget. Smaller numbers intensifies your experience.. larger numbers helps spread the cost.

Aim Test your aim and skill, like the best games on Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard
Mind games Test you mind, with enigma mobile - full of logic, puzzles, great for parties

On the day..

At the time of booking, we’ll explain the few simple things required, to make your home ready for enigma.

On the day, our trained host will come to your home, or venue, to set up enigma in about 30 minutes.

Your group is split up into teams - single teams play against the clock, multiple teams play against each other. You can also try to beat the times of other teams.

Our host will guide each team in turn to go room by room, completing the challenges, which last up to 5 minutes each.

The structure allows teams to socialise, debrief, strategise between each turn.

After the end-game challenge, we’ll pack up and be gone in no more than 30 minutes.